Bibi Roy – Past, Present and Future

Bibi has been helping clients to achieve their goals and ambitions for over 25 years, by listening and understanding their aims and objectives and working with the best professionals in the financial industry, to provide bespoke solutions for their needs.

Prior to launching Bibi Roy Relationship Management, she was Deputy Head of HSBC Mayfair’s Centre of Expertise for Middle Eastern Clients, successfully managing premium banking relationships for Ruling Families, VIPs, Ambassadors, industry leaders and celebrities. By cultivating international referral links between the Centre and Middle Eastern Country Heads, she was able to ensure all inbound clients were directed to their UK team, providing the highest level of financial expertise and consistent exemplary service at HSBC Bank Plc.

From her first day at Midland Bank in 1988, Bibi found she had a passion for helping people to realise their true potential, giving them back that precious commodity, time. It has been her privilege to assist individuals and families from across the globe, be they from The Far East, Asia, Middle East, Russia, North Africa, South Africa, USA, Canada, Europe and of course the UK, with wealth and banking solutions. From applying for a UK passport, buying a property, searching for schools and universities, planning for the future, starting businesses, to creating the perfect lifestyle, she is proud to have been part of their journey, putting their needs at the centre of everything she does.

It was heart-warming to know that so many people valued Bibi’s relationship management and wanted to continue working with her as their trusted advisor, connecting them with industry experts and helping them with all of their requirements.

And so… In January 2014, after many wonderful years with HSBC, Bibi Roy Relationship Management was founded. Bibi now dedicates her time to an elite group of high net worth clients, managing their private affairs, professional introductions and concierge. Would you like to be a member? Please contact Bibi for a consultation!

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Aristotle